Community Visioning – Priddis Millarville Residents Association


Community Visioning – Priddis Millarville Residents Association

Communities can struggle to see their vision for the future reflected in local government decisions, largely because it is difficult to articulate. One way to craft this vision is through a facilitated community workshop.

The Issue / Idea

The Priddis Millarville Residents Association (PMRA) needed to articulate a comprehensive vision for their community that they could use to communicate with their municipal council.

The Project

Situated in the scenic foothills of Alberta, and directly south of the city of Calgary, the Priddis Millarville area is experiencing tremendous growth pressure, and has seen an accelerated rate of change over the last several years. This has translated into a more rapid pace of activity, but challenges in understanding what the community is progressing towards, and what are desirable versus undesirable changes.

In this light, the Priddis Millarville Residents Association (PMRA) approached the Miistakis Institute to facilitate a meeting with the local community to articulate the character of the community as they hope to see it 30-50 years (two generations) from now.

The report below presents the results of that visioning exercise, identifying some initial value-based and collective elements of how the community views itself in the future. Although this report is not intended to be a blue print to the future, it does propose further steps (Recommendations) to be taken to create a shared vision for the community amongst the residents of the Priddis Millarville area.

Report: Developing a Community Vision for the Priddis-Millarville Area



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