Municipalities and Environmental Assessment: Primer and Model Bylaw


Municipalities and Environmental Assessment: Primer and Model EA Bylaw

Alberta’s Municipalities and Environmental Assessment: A Primer and Model Bylaw for Alberta’s Municipalities

The Issue / Idea

“Through regulation of private land uses and through local land use planning, municipalities play an essential role in the management and protection of Alberta’s environment. Environmental assessment is a tool that enables better decision-making considering environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of proposed land uses.”

The Project

To enable municipalities to implement effective environmental assessment (EA) processes, the Environmental Law Centre developed a Model EA Bylaw. The Model EA Bylaw is accompanied by a primer which provides relevant background information.

The Model EA Bylaw provides a template for a municipal EA bylaw along with explanatory annotations. The template includes provisions addressing:

  1. objectives/purposes,
  2. application of the bylaw,
  3. process,
  4. prohibitions, and
  5. definitions.

The companion primer provides background information on:

  1. municipal authority over environmental matters,
  2. municipalities and EA, and
  3. the elements of a municipal EA bylaw.

EA Primer and Model EA Bylaw

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This project was undertaken by

The Environmental Law Centre

Project budget

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Development of the primer and model bylaw began in the Fall of 2016 and due to be completed in

October 2017


Max Bell Foundation

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