Distributed GIS for Calgary Region Municipalities


Distributed GIS for Calgary Region Municipalities

Providing support for the Calgary Regional Partnerships’ Regional Metadata Guidelines

The Issue / Idea

How can municipalities in the Calgary Region effectively share and use GIS data?

The Project

In 2009, the Miistakis Institute began supporting the Calgary Regional Partnerships’ development of Regional Metadata Guidelines for GIS data management (Regional GIS or RGIS) to support planning within the Calgary region. The project’s objectives were to:

    • Create mechanism for cataloguing, exchanging spatial data
    • Support and facilitate other CRP initiatives
    • Promote standards & best practices among CRP GIS Community

Throughout the project, Miistakis was involved in all technical meetings, developed a Metadata Best Practices Guide and developed a variety of other technical tools and templates that allow for data sharing between municipalities.

Metadata Best Practices Guide


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The Miistakis Institute


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Calgary Regional Partnership