Ecological Values Mapping


Ecological Values Mapping

Providing a visual representation of a municipality’s collective community and conservation values

The Issue / Idea

How does a community accurately map and communicate its most important values?

The Project

In 2007, concerned over mounting development pressure and threats to the landscape and traditional lifestyle of the region, the MD Ranchland approached the Miistakis Institute to help them identify community and conservation values that are important to the MD, and then to map these values as accurately as possible.

Through an open and inclusive process, Miistakis worked with the MD staff, council and residents to identify these values and then express them in a spatial/GIS context. The same methodology could easily be applied to different municipalities, and would be expected to result in the identification of different values.

MD Ranchland – Community & Conservation Values Mapping Project – Phase III Report

One Pager and Previous Phases

Community and Conservation Values Mapping
Phase I: Municipal District of Ranchland Data Scoping Project – Summary of Findings
Phase II: Municipal District of Ranchland Data Scoping Project – Summary of Findings


This project was undertaken by

The Miistakis Institute


Phase I – data scoping completed in 2007; phase II – mapping tool and user guide completed in 2009; Phase III – enhanced mapping and communication support report completed in 2011



Municipal District of Ranchland

Alberta Municipal Affairs’ Municipal Sustainability Program