Roadside Management for Pollinator Habitat in Alberta


Roadside Management for Pollinator Habitat in Alberta

A review of current research and management that promotes roadside pollinator habitat

The Issue / Idea

Managing and/or reclaiming roadsides for pollinator habitat.

The Project

Pollinators contribute to food security, biodiversity maintenance and ecosystem resiliency as well as have social and cultural value. However, pollinators, particularly native populations are declining world-wide due to threats from habitat loss and land use practices. Roadsides, and other marginal lands, are not traditionally managed to support biodiversity or pollinators. However, these lands provide a unique conservation opportunity to continue serving their traditional purposes, while also supporting native pollinator populations.

We initiated a survey to gather information on what type of projects municipalities in Alberta are currently undertaking to support pollinator populations, and conducted a literature review to summarize best management practices in roadside maintenance and reclamation for pollinator habitat. As well, relevant case studies and resources were gathered to guide municipalities interested in pursuing roadside pollinator projects.

Roadside Management for Pollinator Habitat in Alberta



This project was undertaken by

The Miistakis Institute


Completed in

April 2021


Max Bell Foundation

Anonymous Foundation