Paying for Conservation


Paying for Conservation

Municipal powers to generate revenue for conservation

The Issue / Idea

Municipal governments are responsible for a wide variety of conservation and environmental outcomes. From park lands to environmental reserves, from weeds to biodiversity, municipalities have a myriad of environmental obligations that cost money. This project asks the questions: what powers do municipalities currently have to generate revenue for local conservation costs? What additional options should (could?) municipalities have to do so?

The Project

This project sets out the provisions of the Municipal Government Act that allow municipalities to generate revenue, from property taxes to special taxes to opportunities to raise revenues using land the municipality already owns. The scope and application of these revenue generation options are outlined. This project also considers examples of legislative approaches in British Columbia and Ontario and whether they could have any application in Alberta.

Paying for conservation: Municipal powers to generate revenue for conservation


This project was undertaken by

The Environmental Law Centre


Completed in

May 2021


Max Bell Foundation

Anonymous Foundation