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The Scope of Municipal Powers and the Environment

“What role can municipalities play in environmental management?” This report from the Environmental Law Centre helps to clarify the sources and the scope of municipal authority with respect to the environment.


A Conservation Easement Guide for Municipalities

If a municipality wanted to set up its own conservation easement program, how would it go about that?” This practical how-to guide from the Miistakis Institute is for municipalities considering holding conservation easements or establishing a conservation easement program.


Municipalities and Brownfields

What authority do municipalities have to regulate brownfields within their boundaries? This report from the Environmental Law Centre explores when and how municipalities can manage and regulate brownfields and their redevelopment.


ALSA Conservation Tools for Municipalities Webinars

“The Alberta Land Stewardship Act (ALSA) has conservation and stewardship tools that municipalities can use, but most municipalities are unclear about how those work.” The Miistakis Institute organized this series of webinars on the four key tools in ALSA, each delivered by a different topic expert.



How Municipalities Apply Environmental Reserves in Alberta

“How has environmental reserve been interpreted / applied in Alberta? And, will this change with the new conservation reserve tool?” This discussion paper by the Miistakis Institute will help clarify how environmental reserves are applied in Alberta, and comments on the new Conservation Reserve tool.


Municipalities and Environmental Assessment: Primer and Model Bylaw

Environmental assessment is a tool that enables better municipal decision-making considering environmental, social, cultural and economic impacts of proposed land uses. To enable municipalities to better implement effective environmental assessment (EA) processes, the Environmental Law Centre developed a Model EA Bylaw and an associated primer.



Bear Hazard Assessments for Alberta Municipalities

As the footprint and associated human activity continues to increase so does the potential for human-bear interactions and conflicts. The Alberta Bear-Smart Program seeks to reduce human-bear conflicts by assessing the attractants that lure bears into a community and identifying strategies for reducing human-bear conflicts.