Informing Urban Ecosystem Management


Informing Urban Ecosystem Management

A literature review and case studies to inform urban ecosystem management, prepared for the City of Calgary, Urban Conservation

The Issue / Idea

How are cities using an urban ecosystem management approach?

The Project

The goal of this research is to support the revision of the City of Calgary’s Natural
Areas Management Plan (NAMP) with findings from relevant literature and case studies, based on the evolving nature of urban ecosystem management. Because the mandate of the Urban Conservation portfolio is city-wide, this research is also intended to support the development of an urban ecosystem management approach for the City of Calgary.

The authors identified two key goals and associated research objectives:

  1. Ensuring a scientific rationale exists to support an ‘urban ecosystem management’ approach for the City of Calgary; and
  2. Ensuring a basis exists for translating ecological management principles into asset management approaches.

For both, the research approach included reviews of peer-reviewed and grey literature, relevant case studies, analogous jurisdictions, and relevant organizations and resources. There was no intent at this stage to deeply analyze the research nor provide management recommendations.

Informing Urban Ecosystem Management: Literature Review and Case Studies


This project was undertaken by

The Miistakis Institute


This research  was completed in

December 2016


City of Calgary